I created this website called Snapshot Video Editing as a school project for my Web Design and Communications class.  This site gives you a complete guide to the basics of filming and video editing.  I have lots of experience with both, as I have had a YouTube channel for 5 years now, and I took Media Studies I and II as electives at school.   I’ve worked with Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia Studio, and Final Cut Pro, and I have owned a couple of different video cameras.  Over the

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years my filming and editing skills have gotten better and so I wanted to share my experiences with it on a website.  I really love video editing and I’m considering it as something I could do as a career!

This is my brother and I’s YouTube channel.  You can get to it from the social media icons on the left of the page.  We post all kinds of different videos so make sure to subscribe, we would really appreciate it!  You can also see our website here: http://mcellini.weebly.com/