There are lots of tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while recording videos with your video camera.  This section will include some of those tips, which can help you to become better at filming.


Most cameras allow you to zoom in on the things that you are filming.  However, I try not to use the zoom on my camera too much.  First off, zooming in and out to much can get annoying for viewers to watch.  It can even make people dizzy which will obviously make them not want to watch your video.  The other problem with zooming in is that on most cameras, especially lower end cameras, it reduces the quality of your video.  This means your video may end up being more fuzzy or pixelated which is not fun to watch.



Try to fill the frame with what you’re recording your video.  You’ll usually want the subject of your video to be in the center of the shot.  So for example, if you’re filming someone shooting a basketball at a park, don’t have the person shooting in the far left of the frame and then majority of the frame being taken up by the park in the background.  You want people to focus on the main subject of your video.  Many cameras will have a 3×3 grid like the one pictured to the right.  This can help you when trying to frame your videos.



Let’s say you’re recording a football game.  It would be pretty boring to watch if you film the whole video from the bleachers.  If you were to walk around the field and get some different angles and close-ups it would be much more interesting to watch.  If you have a wide variety of shots then you have a lot more footage to work with.  And try not to stay at the same level the whole time.  In the football game scenario you can kneel down to get to the level of the players, or find somewhere high up where you can see the game from above.



You may think videos will turn out just as fine at night as they would in the daytime.  But with most common video cameras, videos taken at night don’t turn out very well.  The quality of the video is not good and the footage becomes a bit fuzzy.  It’s also harder to see what’s going on in the video.  It’s best to film when it’s light out.  Or if you’re going to film at night, you should have some kind of lighting to shine on the subject of your video.  The same goes with filming indoors.  If it’s really dark where you’re filming, it’s going to be harder to see what’s happening in the video.  If you go to the filming equipment page you can see what types of professional lights lots of filmmakers use.



Tripods are like stands for your camera so that you don’t have to hold it.  You can learn all about tripods on the filming equipment page.  If you have shaky hands like me, it’s probably best to use a tripod so your videos are nice and stable.  It’s hard to watch videos that are shaky because they make it hard to focus on the subject of the video, and they can also make people dizzy.  A tripod is also good if you’re filming yourself alone.  You can put the camera on the tripod and then stand in front of it.



These are some simple but sometimes overlooked tips when recording videos.  If you want your videos to look professional and clear, I would highly suggest following these tips.