Vine To Close on January 17th

Vine is a social media app that allows users to record and share six-second looping video clips.  But it was recently announced that Vine will be shutting down.


Vine was founded in June of 2012 by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll.  But then in October of 2012, the company was purchased by Twitter for 30 million dollars.  The app was officially released on January 24th, 2013.  In only a few months, Vine exploded and became one of the most used video sharing applications at the time.  Users could use the in-app camera to record six second videos called Vines that would loop after being posted.  The app would count how many times your Vine was looped (how many times it was viewed).  Lots of updates were made to the app through the years.  They even released a kids version of the app in 2015.


In December of 2016, it was announced that Twitter would be discontinuing the Vine app.  But what prompted this decision?  Here are three big reasons why Vine is shutting down.


This came as a surprise to me, but Twitter is actually struggling to be profitable right now, and has been for a long time.  The reason I’m surprised is because Twitter was once worth 31 billion dollars.  The problem is that Twitter isn’t as popular as it used to be, and is having a hard time competing against other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  Their struggling really became clear when they announced that they were letting go of 350 employees.  These are most likely the employees working on Vine, which means they simply can’t afford to keep Vine running, and they can’t afford to pay its employees.  In fact, the future of Twitter itself is unclear.  There have been rumors that the owners of Twitter are trying to sell the company, and it seems there are many companies who are interested in purchasing it.



This relates to the first problem.  Like I said, Twitter is having a hard time competing with other social media platforms, but for Vine it’s even worse.  In 2013 when Instagram first allowed users to post videos, Vine was greatly affected by it.  And from there the app was never really able to recover.  A big problem was the fact that Instagram allowed you to post 15 second videos as opposed to the 6 seconds Vine gave you.  Now, in the past year, Instagram has increased the time even more, allowing you to post minute long clips.

Because social media apps like Instagram offered better options, many of the popular users on Vine moved over to those.  One of the reasons Vine was so popular was because of the Vine stars, which were the popular users on Vine.  With millions of followers, those people are what made users want to keep using Vine.  But when many of them left for other social media platforms, they took their following with them.



Many people liked Vine because there were no advertisements.  But that obviously wasn’t so good for the company itself.  Because the videos were so short, advertisers never really wanted to use the platform.  It’s kind of difficult to create a 6 second advertisement and be able to get all of the information across.  And with Vine that would be your only option considering you can’t post images.  Instead, many advertisers chose apps like Instagram and Facebook, which give you much more flexibility for advertising.  Plus, videos can be much longer on these two apps.


With those three big issues, it’s easy to see why Vine is shutting down.  I personally am a little disappointed.  Vine was a fun app and I enjoyed making the little six second videos.  But at the same time, it did get to be a bit boring considering that was really all there was too it.  In fact I realized that I haven’t used Vine in a long time.  Although they are shutting down the app, there are actually future plans for it.  After the app closes, Twitter will be releasing a new app called Vine Camera.  With this app you can create six second videos and either post them to Twitter or save them on your phone.  I can’t see this becoming a popular app, but it’s worth a shot!

You may be wondering if it’s possible to save your Vines, considering once the app closes down they will all be gone.  You in fact can save all of your Vines and it’s very easy.  If you want to save them on your phone you can go to the app, and if you want to save them on your computer you can go on the web version.  From there you can log in and then on your profile hit “Download Your Vines.”  It only took a few minutes for me and now I have them all saved!  Vine has also announced that you can still see your vines on the website, even after the app closes down.


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