My GoPro Experience

You’ve probably heard of the famous action camera brand GoPro before.  When I heard about them I immediately wanted one.  They stabilize your videos, they have a fish eye lens, they’re waterproof and shockproof, and they have HD video.  It sounded like the perfect camera.  So my brother and I decided to buy the original GoPro Hero.  At the time it costed about $120 so we split the cost and bought one.

At first it was great.  We were getting really good videos with it, and it was fun to film with.  We were able to take a lot of cool videos in the pool.  But that’s where the problem happened.  The GoPro is not waterproof on its own, it has a plastic “housing” as they call it.  Later versions of the GoPro Hero actually allow you to take the housing completely off, but the original GoPro Hero doesn’t.  Before going in the pool you have to make sure the housing is completely sealed.  The reason you can open it is to get the SD card out.  So it needs to be closed in order to go in the water.  Every time we used it we made sure the seal was closed.  Then one day we went to the pool to film a new video.  We closed it tight like usual and made sure no water could get in.  About halfway through filming the camera turned off, and there was fog on the little display screen.  So I put it in my bag.  When we brought it home it wouldn’t turn on even though it had a full battery.  When we plugged it into the charger, the red light wouldn’t go on.  We figured out that it broke because somehow water got inside the housing which is not supposed to be able to happen.  So unfortunately we can no longer use it.  Because of this, I would not recommend getting the original GoPro Hero.  In fact, if you can, I would recommend getting a newer GoPro that doesn’t need the housing case in order to be waterproof.  Then you don’t have to ever worry about water getting into the camera.

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