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When it comes to editing videos, I prefer to edit them on my laptop.  But there are video editing apps available for both Android, iOS, and even Windows phones.  Some of them are actually pretty good for being on a mobile device.  Some are free and some cost money.  In this post I’ll be talking about the top 5 video editing apps.

1.  iMovie ($3.99)


If you’ve looked at the Software page on this site, you probably saw that iMovie is a video editing program for Mac computers.  But Apple also has an iMovie app.  It’s very similar to the computer version.  You can add titles, music, voiceovers, and photos.  It also has TV and movie style templates so you can make your own little trailers.

2. PowerDirector (Free)


PowerDirector is a lot like iMovie, but for Android.  You can quickly arrange and trim clips.  You can add titles, transitions, and music.  The app is free, but there will be a watermark on your videos.  You have to pay $3.94 to get rid of the watermark and to be able to export in 1080p.

3. Pinnacle Studio Pro ($9.99)


This is another video editing app made for IOS.  But it’s a little more advanced than iMovie, which is why it costs more.  You can change the speed of your videos, add transitions, pan and zoom, edit audio, and add titles.  There is actually a computer version of this program just like iMovie and it’s been around since the 90’s!

4. KineMaster ($2.91 a month)


This is a pretty simple video editing app.  You can arrange your clips on the timeline, add captions, images, and even a feature called handwriting.  You can either get this app for 30 days at the cost of $4.02, or you can pay $2.91 a month.  So unfortunately, you have to pay more than once instead of a one-time payment, which is definitely a downfall to this app.

5. Movie Edit Touch (Free)


This app works much like iMovie.  You can make frame-by-frame edits, use transitions, add titles, add music, and export in HD.  This app is actually for Windows phones which is surprising.  Usually Android and Apple have all of the good apps.  This app is free, but there are in-app purchases.

And there you have it, the top 5 video editing apps.  If you want to look into more of these, here’s a list of 5 more popular video editing apps:

  • Quik (Android and iOS)
  • LumaFX (iOS)
  • Splice (iOS)
  • Adobe Premiere Clip (Android)
  • Magisto (Android and iOS)


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