These video editing programs cost money to download.  So make sure you really want to do video editing before you think about purchasing one of these.

Camtasia Studio (For Any Computer)

COST: $200.00

I have been working with Camtasia Studio for about 2 years now and it’s a really great program.  This program gets much more advanced than the free programs.  You still have your basics like the free ones, but there’s  lots of other advanced options.  Now instead of just having one single-track timeline you have multiple tracks on a timeline.  This means you can add all different combinations of videos, pictures, text, and audio layered on top of each other which you can’t do as freely with a single timeline.  Camtasia Studio currently had an update to Camtasia Studio 9.  I have 8, but the biggest change of version 9 was the interface so I can still explain what the program can do.

Like I said, this program gives you some more advanced options.  One in particular would be the remove a color option.  This is for green screens.  So if you make a video in front of a green screen you can then remove the green from the video and put the video clip you want there.  Camtasia also provides a screen recorder which is for recording your computer screen.  This is good for gaming videos or when you want to take a video of you doing something on the computer.  Also, instead of just bringing in all of your media onto the timeline right away, Camtasia lets you put it in a clip bin and then from there you can drag what you want onto your timeline.  This is much easier for when you start to make more complicated videos because then you don’t have 50 different things on your timeline at once.  There are lots of other cool features in Camtasia Studio and you can learn all about this program here: 

If you are willing to spend $200.00 on this program and are pretty serious about video editing, then I would recommend getting it.  It’s fairly simple to understand once you start using it and it will help you make much more professional videos.

Final Cut Pro (For Mac Computers Only)

COST: $300.00

I used Final Cut Pro when I took Media Studies I and Media Studies II at my high school.  The newest version of this program is actually called Final Cut Pro X.  Like I said, this is a much more advanced version of iMovie, which is why it costs $300.  Like Camtasia you have a timeline with multiple tracks for more advanced video editing.  And like iMovie, you can make zoom and pan effects with “Ken Burns.”  This program definitely has a lot tools and controls to figure out.


Final Cut Pro does have a lot more video effects and transitions than Camtasia Studio which is most likely a reason why it costs more.  There are also some really cool text effects to animate text in your videos with. For example, if you have a title screen at the beginning of your video you could have the letters of the title come in one at a time.  You can also do green screen editing.  There’s a place to upload your clips so that you can organize them all and then add them onto the timeline.  Unlike Camtasia Studio, Final Cut Pro let’s you record narration.  So if you wanted to narrate your video you could do it right in your timeline as you’re watching your video.  Final Cut Pro has lots of other great features for video editing.  You can learn all about how to use the program here:

$300.00 is a pretty large amount of money for a video editing program, but if you’re really serious about video editing and you are willing to pay that, then I would recommend getting this program if you have a Mac computer.


Sony Vegas Pro (For Windows Computers Only)

COST: $369.99 or $499.99

The reason there are two prices listed is because Sony Vegas Pro was recently bought by a company called Magix, so now it is just called Vegas Pro.  But you can still purchase the last version of Sony Vegas Pro for $369.99.  The new Vegas Pro is $499.99.  Since $499.99 is a lot of money and I don’t think beginners are going to be looking at that yet, I’m just going to talk about Sony Vegas Pro.  If you are interested in Vegas Pro you can learn about it here:

Sony Vegas Pro is a very advanced program, and used to cost even more before Magix took it over.  Lots of professionals use this program.  The last version release is Sony Vegas Pro 13.  There are many features t hat you aren’t going to see on the two previous programs I’ve talked about.

A big feature that this program has is called multi-camera editing.  This is when you are filming a scene on multiple cameras like they do in the movies.  Sony Vegas Pro makes it easy to edit this footage together to make one complete scene.  This program has a ton of visual effects that you can add to your videos, and they’re very professional.  You can even download more video effects packs for the program online.  There are a lot of advanced options in this program that even I don’t understand since I have never used this program.  Since this site is really a beginner’s guide to video editing, I’m not going to get into detail about this program.  But this is just to give you an idea of what a professional level of video editing looks like.  You can learn all about Sony Vegas Pro 13 here:

These are just a few video editing programs that you can buy.  There are lots more, but these are the more popular ones used.  Make sure you really like video editing before you decide to purchase one!