YouTube is an online video-sharing service, and is the second most popular website in the United States.  Some people, like myself, use YouTube everyday.  You probably have at least heard of YouTube.  If you’re like me, you are subscribed to a bunch of your favorite YouTube channels and watch all of their videos on YouTube.  Without YouTube, there wouldn’t really be another way for me to get my videos out on the internet for anyone to see.  If you want to start filming and editing videos, YouTube is the perfect place to go.  I have been editing videos and posting them on YouTube since 2012.  You can get to my YouTube channel from the YouTube social media icon.  Here I want to talk about creating a YouTube channel, and posting videos on it.


Your YouTube channel is where you upload all of your videos.  To create a channel, all you need to do is go to YouTube and then create an account.  Or you can use your Google account.  From there your channel is completely customizeable.  You can make a channel banner, choose a profile picture, and add links to your other social media platforms or your website.  You even have a featured channels section so if you have a second channel or a friend that has a channel, you can feature them there.

Here is Nike’s YouTube channel as an example.  They have a “Just Do It” image, which is their company slogan, as their channel banner, and they have the Nike logo as their profile picture.  In the bottom right corner of their channel banner, they have links to all of their social media.  On the right side there is a box called “Additional Nike Channels” where they have featured their other channels.  The video in the center of the screen is what’s called the channel trailer.  You could make a promotional video that’s kind of like a movie trailer for your channel and set it as your channel trailer after you upload it.  This means that new visitors will see this when they click on your channel.

So for example, let’s say your YouTube channel is your videos about sports cars.  You could have your channel banner say your YouTube channel’s name with a picture of a road in the background, and you could have a picture of a car as your profile picture.  Your channel trailer could feature a bunch of cars that you’ve filmed with some music in the background.

Here is the channel trailer for my YouTube channel:

Now that you know the basics of a YouTube channel, you need to learn how to upload videos which is the most important part of your channel.



The YouTube video uploader is where you will upload a video and change all the settings.  You start by clicking the upload button at the top right of YouTube.  Then you will get a screen that looks like this.

First you can add your title which is the small text box.   You should try to make your title as descriptive as possible.  For example if your video is of you hiking, don’t just simply title it “hiking.”  Be descriptive like “Hiking on the Appalachian Trail – Summer of 2016.”   The bigger box under the title is the description.  The description should give a little summary about your video.  It’s also a good idea to add links to your social media and website in the description as well.  The box below the description is for tags.  Tags are like keywords for when users search for videos.  The more keywords the better because then people are more likely to find your video when searching for something specific.  In the bottom right corner is a button that says custom thumbnail.  The thumbnail for your video is the picture that will display when someone searches for your video.  You can create a custom thumbnail.  So for the hiking example, you could use a picture you take of the trail and then add text over it.  This looks more professional on your videos.

This is one of my videos.  It’s a time lapse of a huge tree in my backyard being cut down.  The thumbnail is a custom thumbnail.  I used a picture that I took of the tree and added text over it in a video editor called Camtasia Studio.  Then I saved the image and set it as the custom thumbnail when I uploaded the video.  If you click on the video it will let you watch it on YouTube itself, where you can check out the description that I have.  You’ll see I have a small summary, credits for the music I used, and links to all of my other social media and my website.

YouTube is a great way to share your videos with the world and keep all of your content organized.  I definitely recommend creating a YouTube channel if you want to start filming and editing videos!